Friday, 13 January 2012


Friends,through this blog, I would like to draw your attention towards something which might concern and affect you and me. A factor which influences us almost on a daily basis. It is nothing but our religion. Religion in a broader sense can be defined as a code which designs our style of life and culture. We are Indians and live in a Hindu majority nation. How does religion influence us?

Time and again our national leaders and politician blow a great trumpet of the fact that we are always united and India is a perfect example of unity in diversity. But the truth is far from this notion. India is a home to almost all the world religions. People belonging to different faiths also live side by side and with mutual coexistence. Peace prevails most of the times. We do show a strength of unity in times of crisis,natural calamity and in emergency.

But the reality is far from truth. We witnessed bloody encounters between Hindus and Muslims during post partition communal riots.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


This post would be valuable for all those students who wish to make a career in the B.P.O.As of today, the demand for professionals in the B.P.O sector in India is high and the requirement is expected to sustain over a long period of time. Let me also tell you all that,there are good opportunities for promotion and growth in most of the B.P.Os. However it is very important that one does his homework in knowing all the desired information for the company before applying for it. You can certainly visit the company's website for the same. B.P.Os generally employ professionals for a voice process either for domestic or for international process. Domestic process in a B.P.O pertains to the calls taken and replied in Indian languages and specifically for companies based in India catering to Indians living either in India or overseas. International voice process would deal with the operations which are outsourced by the companies overseas belonging to the U.S,Canada and most of the European countries.



This blog post would be created by me on Jan 8.I am sorry to say that I am not able to contribute posts to my blog on a regular basis. This post is related to career growth. As stated by me on many occasions,good communication skills in English is a per-requisite for a career growth in most of the fields. B.P.O sector and the I.T sectors require skilled professionals for their industry.Along with the technical skill-set,job applicants are expected to have a fair knowledge of English. This means both written and communication skills of English. Once in the industry, say a B.P.O, the employee's future prospects in the company would be gauged by his performance levels. It goes without saying that to excel and to grow in the B.P.O industry,verbal communication skill in English is a must. There is no measure as to what degree, one must polish one's communication skill. Generating sales on calls are solely based on how one has the ability to convince the customer to buy or subscribe for a product.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Hello World, This year I am going to concentrate more on writing blogs. I would be throwing light on some of the managerial

tips which would certainly help in moving up in your career ladder. In any industry, performance is the key indicator of

your visibility in the company. You need to perform well, accomplish the tasks much before the deadlines and need to show

your good work. Always talk well and be in the good books of your team leader and the operation manager. Show your

willingness to do any work even apart from your working hours. Walk that extra mile to impress upon the top guns of the

company. One of the most important things in your career development is time management. Do not indulge in useless gossip

which does not add any value to your resume. Always display good interest in learning and in knowing things. Be perfect with your work and always guide your subordinates in your work. Your work would always be recognized and appreciated.

Monday, 2 January 2012


This happens to be the second day of the new year according to the Indian Standard Time. Let us all look forward to this new year with a new spirit,enthusiasm and passion. For some of them, it is the time they do brisk business if involved in shopping malls,markets etc. Let us all do some serious planning for our works and believe firmly in the competition in the market outside. Online marketing is one of the powerful tools to advertise and make products readily visible to the potential customers. More and more shops are going the online way to create a permanent customer base. Gone are the days when customers had to travel to shopping malls to get their desired clothing and accessories. Today for most of the internet savvy customers, it is just few minutes of browsing that does the trick. The goods are delivered right at the door step. In India, probably this year will witness a surge in online shopping activity in first few months. It is good to note Internet has now reached even the smaller towns in India and is only mushrooming even in the remote areas.